CMF Employees Respond To Tight Supply Market

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio – With the tightest steel supply market in decades, compounded by the highest steel costs in history, Commercial Metal Forming went on the offensive in 2021.

“Our people across all three plants learned new skills and developed creative ways of doing business, while being driven to exceed expectations,” says Bob Messaros, president and CEO. The company has a plant on Logan Avenue in Youngstown.

With shortages in the steel market continuing to affect manufacturers across the country, CMF leveraged its relationships with suppliers to meet customers’ production schedules.

Its ability to produce tank heads at unprecedented levels allowed the company to supply new and existing customers who were affected by a shortage of materials, Messaros says.

CMF’s ongoing investment in cellular manufacturing also enabled it to significantly increase its leadership position in the marketplace by speeding up production.

“The velocity at which we can produce significantly shortens the period from raw material to the finished product shipping out the door,” Messaros says.

The company moved its headquarters in 2021 from its original location on Logan Avenue to an office building in Liberty Township. The move provided modern space for the management team, an open environment for the sales staff, a spacious training room, and a conference room with the latest communication technology.

CMF launched “Unfiltered,” an online video series featuring unscripted conversations between staffers. Their stories relate their life experiences on and off the job.

The company was honored by the Regional Chamber and MAGNET in 2021 as the Manufacturer of the Year award.

It also created a new website.

CMF is the largest privately held tank head manufacturer in the country. It has manufacturing plants in Youngstown, California and Texas.