DJL Accounting Helps Clients Secure Grants

AUSTINTOWN, Ohio – DJL Accounting is not the type of accounting firm that sees clients only at tax time. It remained a committed partner to its clients throughout 2021.

“We dug in with our clients in a number of critical areas,” says Debra Rodway, president. The firm assisted companies in landing the many state, local and federal grants available to businesses impacted by the pandemic.

The process of applying for loans and pandemic funds can be complicated.

But DJL has become proficient at the process, acquiring more than $30 million in new funding for its clients, Rodway says.

The company grew by more than 30% last year, she continues, prompting it to add staff and take a fresh look at how it retains talent. Joining DJL was Jennifer Wollet, CPA, who managed a successful accounting practice in Columbiana.

While DJL is well known for tax compliance, the firm is committed to expanding its consulting and advisory services.