Canine Campus Plans New ‘Upscale Resort’

HUBBARD, Ohio – The Canine Campus will add a second location this year. The dog training, behavior and day care center will open The Canine Campus Bone and Biscuits Inn in Howland in June, says owner Katie Costello.

The new location will be “an upscale resort filled with tons of environmental enrichment, play if appropriate, and lots of time outside of the themed kennels,” Costello says.

Someone will be in the new campus 24 hours a day and clients can check on their dogs through cameras any time of day or night. Dogs can be left for a day or longer periods.

The original location is at 6041 W. Liberty St., Hubbard.

The company had a “stellar” year in 2021, Costello says, with a 48% increase in revenue over 2020. “We were at the highest point we have been with classes, day care and private lessons,” Costello says, despite the pandemic.