All-Star Gaming Raises $15 Million For Nonprofits

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio – All-Star Gaming, a charitable gaming distributor founded in 2012, increased sales by 40% in 2021. In the process, it raised $15 million for nonprofit customers. 

All-Star Gaming started Charity Pull Tabs, a fundraising program in which Ohio charities sell instant bingo tickets through businesses. The profits from ticket sales benefit nonprofit organizations within the customers’ county.

The company works with more than 141 charities and 1,800 Ohio businesses in 87 counties. The program has raised more than $44 million for its nonprofit customers since it was established in 2013. 

The growth in sales for 2021 is attributed to charitable customers increasing their network of businesses that sell pull tabs, says Kevin McHenry, president.

“The businesses are learning that our tickets and lottery tickets sell very well together; therefore, more and more businesses are adding our tickets to their product offering.”

The goal in 2021 was to expand to all 88 counties in Ohio.

“But we fell short by one county,” McHenry says. “We are very proud of the growth of our fundraising program over the years, especially in 2020 and 2021 during the pandemic with customer shutdowns and significant supply chain issues.”