Farris Marketing Enters Clients, Dot-Com Market

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio – Farris Marketing spent a good bit of 2021 helping clients who were dealing with problems presented by the pandemic. Those clients needed to keep in touch and maintain relationships with customers.

“We have several clients in the public service sector who provide serv-ices that must be maintained. Those services were interrupted often early in the year because of the pandemic,” says George Farris, CEO of Farris Marketing. “Many of our for-profit clients experienced supply chain issues. So we were often crafting messages apologizing for delays.”

The second half of the year was a bit different. Businesses recovered and began growing again. Farris Marketing also grew by adding new accounts and a couple of new markets.

Farris entered the adult beverage market with Lillo Premium Liqueur, distillers of Lillo Limoncello and Lillo Coffee Liqueur, as a client. Cleveland-based Lillo was looking to expand its sales in the desert liqueur market. 

New Day Recovery, an addiction treatment organization, retained Farris in December and is beginning an expansion with new facilities and a new branding campaign.

Farris was also retained by On Demand Occupational Medicine, the largest testing and occupational medicine business in the Mahoning Valley. Sister companies On Demand Counseling and On Demand Healthcare also retained Farris.

Additional business was added to the client roster in the public agency, government and nonprofit sectors.

“Our big goal for this year is to launch the spinoff dot-com business we began working on two years ago,” says Farris. “We’ve been in development and testing and a big step is going to be the development of the app version.”

The exact nature of the new venture cannot be described publicly until testing is further along and the investment funding rounds are complete. More news on this will be released soon, Farris says.