Armor Linings Keeps Vehicles Free of Rust

WEST MIDDLESEX, Pa. – With the cost of used vehicles at an all-time high and with the lack of new production, car and truck owners are investing in rust protection to extend the life of their vehicles. Ray and Amanda Lucich, owners of Armor Linings & Krown Rust Protection since 1994, were recognized in 2021 as one of the top providers in the United States for Krown Rust Protection

This kind of protection has become a “must” for those who realize that both appearance and safety are affected by the salt and moisture from roads, Ray Lucich says. While the issue begins as an aesthetic one, rust increases the risk of daily driving. Once rust takes hold, it spreads, often hidden from view, compromising the structural integrity and overall safety of the vehicle.

When the early signs of rust are noticed, taking care of it before it has a chance to spread saves owners hundreds or possibly thousands of dollars later. While the pandemic caused many negative effects, it has instilled some good business strategies.

Fleet owners are pleased to know that Krown Rust Protection will come to them, Lucich says.