ContagionClean Sees Unprecedented Growth

POLAND – A veteran-owned sanitation company formed during the onset of the pandemic is still going strong, as public health continues to be a priority for employers, employees, schools, homes and health care facilities.

“We have seen unprecedented growth in our second year of existence,” says Steve Sullivan, co-owner.

ContagionClean’s sanitizing solution is approved by both the FDA and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. It kills bacteria, harmful viruses such as COVID-19 and its variants on surfaces for up to 90 days, Sullivan says.

The disinfectant is made in the United States and is used by hospitals, schools, nursing homes, businesses, restaurants, residential properties and retailers, Sullivan says. The solution dries in minutes and is safe around all food, people and animals, he adds.

Local police and fire departments have used the company’s products, as well as local government offices and school districts.  ContagionClean is also an official partner of Youngstown State University, which uses the service to clean its athletics facilities.