YoLab Sees Increase in Use, Adds Equipment

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio – Youngstown Medical Training and Education Lab LLC experienced a resurgence of in-person medical education labs in 2021, hosting more than 20.

The company, which is branded as YoLab, also added several new pieces of equipment, says Maura Maloney DiDomenico, managing director.

YoLab, Youngstown’s first medical training and education lab, has been open since 2017.

The facility is a space where doctors and surgeons can practice with new devices, implants and techniques using modern equipment on high-quality, fresh-frozen human cadaver tissue.

Maura Maloney DiDomenico shows a room at the medical education lab.

On the heels of its 2020 investment in more sophisticated lab tables, last year YoLab added two arthroscopy towers, two Stryker Crossfire consoles, a Stryker  Core console and two Core Sumex drills.

“These upgrades reflect our commitment to providing the space and tools needed for medical professionals’ success in each lab and ultimately in the field,” says DiDomenico. “We are honored to be an asset to the medical education community and we pay close attention to the specifications of our facility so that we can continue to inspire continued education and improve the local medical communities’ skillset.”

The lab, at 3262 Center Road, Suite B, Poland, offers nearby overnight accommodations and after-hours availability so physicians have access when their schedules allow.

Its strategic location in the region and its ability to provide fresh-frozen cadavers gives it a competitive edge in its field, DiDomenico says.

Since March 2020, YoLab has implemented procedures that enable the space to be used for meetings, lectures and labs amid the changing medical education landscape during the pandemic.

Adhering to state and local rules and regulations, as well as safety precautions for distancing, YoLab has also implemented a deep cleaning system between events to enhance safety.

The 3,500-square-foot office includes a multistation wet bioskill lab training area, lead instructor station with multimedia broadcast capabilities, lecture room adjacent to the bioskills lab with video recording and telecasting capabilities.

YoLab also has three fully stocked treatment rooms for research, a kitchen area, private showers and locker rooms.