Team Office Tech Assists Clients with Security, Compliance

AUSTINTOWN, Ohio – In 2021, many businesses invested in additional computers and network resources, enhanced cybersecurity, and added two-factor authentication and additional layers of network security, says Tom Reeveley, president of Team Office Technologies.

But as they upgraded systems, they also needed to consider their shortcomings and vulnerabilities. In response, Team Office Technologies stepped in to help with security and compliance issues.

The result was an “exceptional” year for sales, Reeveley says. 

The pandemic was the motivating force as companies allowed employees to work from home. Some businesses moved to a total work-from-home format, which presented other challenges.

“Many of our clients abandoned old analog phone systems and we moved them to VOIP phone technologies. In addition, we helped a lot of clients upgrade their management software and network infrastructures,” says Bryan Higgins, vice president.

With businesses focusing on enhanced marketing campaigns, Team Office Tech saw a sharp increase in installations of copiers, multifunction printers and scanners.

“Clients used color flyers, mailers and various forms of special media to deliver branded content and increase their brand awareness,” Reeveley says.