LED3 Enjoys Its Busiest Start in 2022

CANFIELD, Ohio – The loss of trade show projects in March 2020 completely shut down an income source for LED3 in Canfield that lasted until mid-2021. However, the company’s staff of six stepped up to find ways to keep things running, says Bruce Neff, president.

Its rental business was buttressed with sales in mobile displays. Working with a manufacturer in Europe, LED3 imported and sold large video trailers to companies from New York to California. Many of these customers became partners in a network developed and maintained by rental manager Kristen Stuhlmann, Neff says.

Another video display trailer and truck provided an additional income resource for outdoor events, he adds.

Recognizing increased demand for outdoor displays, technical services manager Brian Barry developed a partnership with a local sign installer to meet that demand, driving growth into 2022.

Installing a display at a bowling alley are five LED3 employees. From left: technician Nick Jordan, warehouse manager Eric Stuhlmann, rental manager Kristen Stuhlmann, technician Troy Prelog and tech services manager Brian Barry.

The beginning of this year has been busier than the start of any previous year in the company’s history, driven by projects such an installation at the Capitol Visitor Center in Washington, and a second installation on the outside of a Cafaro mall in Ohio.

“The display industry is constantly changing with improvements in processing, brightness and screen resolution,” Neff says. “A planned restructuring of our rental inventory will allow us to provide customers with brighter, higher resolution displays.”

Although somewhat hesitant, trade show opportunities are starting to return for the rental market this year. The future for outdoor rentals remains strong, Neff says, as potential projects are stretching into the second quarter and beyond.

Still, LED3 expects 2022 to be a challenge, but the company is well-positioned to meet those challenges head on, says Clare Neff, company founder and CEO.

“Everyone at LED3 has the best interest of the company at heart,” she says. “And that’s what has kept the doors open for over 20 years.”