White House Fruit Farm Greets ‘Friendly Faces’

CANFIELD, Ohio – White House Fruit Farm in Canfield returned to regular operating hours in 2021, which contributed to its growth last year, owner Debbie Pifer says.

“Welcoming friendly faces back to our farm for events was the highlight of our year in 2021, as the majority of our events were canceled in 2020 and the first half of 2021,” she says.

After postponing the event in 2020, White House welcomed back friends and colleagues from the agritourism industry for its annual marketing meeting in July, hosting nearly 100 other farm owners from around the country.

Fall Harvest Weekends returned with family activities, including the children’s play area, horse-drawn wagon rides, outdoor food, gift barn and live music.

Family events continued with Family Fun Night in November and the annual Christmas on the Farm in December.

“Our crops saw growth throughout the year as the weather was pleasant and mild. We were pleased to see a full peach crop in 2021, which we have not experienced in years,” Pifer says. “We also nearly doubled our growth of the farm favorite Evercrisp apple.”

The farm’s market and bakery introduced several new items, including old-fashioned candy and unique soda pops. Valentine and Easter doughnut gift boxes were added. Both will return in 2022, she says.

One of White House Fruit Farm’s biggest undertakings of 2021 involved the building of a new website with the expertise of iSynergy in Canfield. The farm now has the capability to take online orders for pies and baked goods during key seasonal times of the year.

“As we continue into 2022, White House Fruit Farm will be offering the same quality and customer service our guests have come to know and expect. Our homegrown produce, specialty items, fresh deli and bakery, along with family-friendly events will continue to be our goal,” Pifer says. “We are looking forward to welcoming more friendly faces in this new year.”