All-Star Gaming Helps Nonprofits Raise Money

YOUNGSTOWN – Last year thrust people here and across the globe into difficult times, with many facing financial hardships and requiring assistance. But the very organizations that step in to help during crises could not hold typical fundraising events. 

Enter All-Star Gaming, based in Youngstown. Despite COVID-19 restrictions, in 2020 the company reports its fundraising program raised more than $9.5 million for over 130 nonprofits across Ohio.

All Star Gaming’s charity pull-tabs program allows Ohio nonprofits to partner with local businesses and sell instant bingo tickets. Unlike the Ohio Lottery, however, profits benefit the nonprofits.

In 2020, the amount of money raised increased more than 50% compared to 2019, according to Kevin McHenry, president.

“We are so proud that our fundraising program could deliver such good results for our customers during a troubling year,” McHenry says. “During this past year, we added 300 retail locations across the state as our program continued to grow.”

To date, the company serves nonprofits in 82 of Ohio’s 88 counties and has enlisted more than 1,500 businesses to sell pull-tabs in support of Ohio charities, he notes.

McHenry says the company’s sales force works closely with customers to ensure they get the most they can from the pull-tab program.

In 2020, All Star Gaming invested in an app to make it easier for retailers to stock pull-tabs and order tickets 24/7 from a smartphone.

This year, McHenry says the company plans to expand into the remaining Ohio counties so its program can ensure even more charities and their causes survive COVID-19.

All Star Gaming was established in 2012 and employs 16.