Sherman Creative Custom Brands PPE

BOARDMAN – Three words describe 2020 at Sherman Creative: resilience, gratitude and determination. 

When the provider of specialty advertising products was faced with shutdown, it quickly moved from a paper-based system to a 100% digital system – allowing flexibility, better communication and efficiency.

Although not considered an essential business, it became clear in the first few weeks of the shutdown that Sherman’s products and solutions were, in fact, essential. Order logs once filled with branded apparel and merchandise quickly shifted to PPE.

While the firm designed many custom-branded masks and sanitizers, “It was the positive messages on yard signs and banners that inspired a larger effort and an opportunity to give back,” says Brittany Mendez, vice president of operations.

Mendez and her team decided to pitch an idea to Mercy Health that would outfit every employee in an inspirational T-shirt. “We wanted to make sure that every front-line worker felt appreciated and knew the community was behind them,” she says. More than 6,000 T-shirts subsequently were delivered and passed out in the three-county area.

Founded in 1996 by Bruce and Carol Sherman, the firm employs three.