Carney Plastics Fabricates Products to Halt Virus

YOUNGSTOWN – Carney Plastics played a key role in the fight against the coronavirus, says Sean Carney, company president. 

As the pandemic took hold in early 2020, the plastics fabrication company began to manufacture clear acrylic boxes that allowed doctors to intubate a patient while they stayed safe from the virus.

The boxes were delivered to local hospitals and several others along the East Coast.

Carney Plastics also starting making the shields and guards that have become ubiquitous at counters in offices, stores, schools and other public places. And the company supplied a large quantity of acrylic sheeting to a lot of pop-up fabricators.

Carney Plastics typically makes machine shields, guards and guides, as well as office and store fixtures, from clear acrylics and polycarbonates. It also produces display cases for museums and personal collections.

Sales for both of those product lines increased last year, according to Carney.

The company, which employs 11, made several improvements last year at its plant at 1010 W. Rayen Ave.

The main loading dock was expanded and improved, Carney says.

To increase energy efficiency, much of the shop’s overhead radiant heating was replaced, as were loading dock doors. Office lighting was replaced with LED fixtures.

In 2021, Carney Plastics intends to update its Protecto Pak product line, launch a new website and update its shipping process.