IDMI Aids Clients with E-Commerce ‘Explosion’

POLAND – With a sudden shift to e-commerce forced by the pandemic, website design company had a “standout year,” chief information officer Anthony DePinto says, as its client base and revenue increased.

“We did some of our best work for clients who needed to quickly implement or massively overhaul their online presence in the face of the pandemic,” he says, noting that janitorial and cleaning supply companies saw “an explosion in online traffic and sales.”

Beyond looking to adapt their websites to the new normal brought by 2020, clients also inquired about location and history-based marketing services, tools that are quickly growing throughout the industry.

“Data suggests that search engine marketing will only grow in importance as users’ habits become more sophisticated and specific,” DePinto says. “For example, about 50% of Google searches last year were location-based, indicating that people are using search engines with infinite reach to find businesses and organizations that are often just around the corner.”

As IDMI enters its 24th year in business, the company’s focus is on maintaining its relationships with clients, DePinto says, which were bolstered by the work done over the course of the pandemic.

“Our sincere gratitude goes out to every business and organization that trusted us to handle those transitions through the uncertainty of last year,” he says.