Taylor-Winfield Creates New Line of Welders

YOUNGSTOWN – As the manufacturing sector ground to a halt in the spring and large capital projects were paused, Youngstown-based Taylor-Winfield Technologies saw many of its projects put on hold.

But the custom-parts manufacturer kept all 85 employees on its payroll, nurturing internal relationships and developing strategic initiatives. When business started coming back over the summer, Taylor-Winfield was able to take full advantage of the supply chain gaps uncovered by the pandemic.

“Production lines have been exposed as unable to scale, incapable of reconfiguring to build the things we need most, and often, unfit even to operate in an environment with limited access,” says President Donnie Wells. “Taylor-Winfield Technologies strengthened partnerships with several of the world’s leading robot manufacturers, which enables them to tailor automated systems to meet their customer’s requirements, budget and floor space.”

Among the company’s projects was the construction and installation of multistation automation systems for auto manufacturers and one of the world’s largest suppliers of freight components.

“These systems included integrating several industrial robots used for materials handling, welding, brazing, drilling and routing to solve customer production bottlenecks,” Wells says.

Taylor-Winfield introduced a new line of resistance welders that provide seam, spot and flash welding across a range of price points that fit most capital expenditure budgets. Also new to the list of products was a new design of a solid-state fiber laser welding system to add to its line of coil joining welders for the steel processing industry.

Founded in 1927, Taylor-Winfield has completed more than 55,000 projects in its history. Its products have been used in the manufacturing process for everything from Ford’s Model A in the 1920s to SpaceX rockets.