Mangiarelli Expands Outpatient PT Clinic

HOWLAND – The family-owned Mangiarelli Rehabilitation outpatient physical therapy clinic last year celebrated 10 years in business and expanded its offices at 8935 E. Market St.

Renovations to the now 6,500-square-foot clinic include a new unit for its warm water therapy pool, remodeled patient locker rooms, a specialty industrial rehabilitation room for injured workers and hand and wrist injuries, and AstroTurf added to the sports rehab and senior balance programs. Additionally, new BTE PrimusRS testing equipment was added to the sports and industrial rehab programs.

“The BTE Primus RS determines the athlete’s or injured worker’s ability, progress and safe return to sport or work based on objective measurements,” says Paula Mangiarelli, owner.

The clinic remained open and took decisive steps at the start of the pandemic to provide a safe environment, Mangiarelli says, including regular cleaning and sanitization, as well as use of PPE by staff and patients.