Sharpsville Container Plays Role in Combating Virus

SHARPSVILLE, Pa. – Sharpsville Container Corp. entered 2020 with strong orders and a large backlog. By adjusting to market opportunities, it was able to realize 2020 revenues within 3.5% of 2019 results, says Michael P. Lewis, president and CEO.

The company last year shipped the largest vessels it has ever made:  four fluid containment silos used in the food processing industry, measuring 14 feet in diameter and 60 feet long.

Throughout the year, SCC made products used in the medical, chemical, food, beverage, pharmaceutical and emergency vehicle industries. Toward year-end, the company saw an increase in orders for items used at restaurant drive-thrus and in the production of COVID-19 test kits and vaccines.

The company participated in Operation Warp Speed and produced vessels used to transport and dispense ethanol, a critical component of COVID-19 vaccines made by Moderna and Lonza.

With the help of its supply chain partners, SCC completed this project in less than 90% of the usual lead time for such vessels. SCC has since received more orders for COVID-19 related projects.