Synergy Forgoes Some Billings Amid Lockdowns

SHARON, Pa. – Like most companies, Synergy Comp had to adapt to the business challenges resulting from the pandemic.

“We anticipated a banner year with a major expansion in the Southeast that would propel growth to the 25% range,” says Lew Kachulis, CEO of Sharon, Pa.-based company. Still, the company grew by 16%, and expanded its footprint to Georgia and the Carolinas, he reports.

More important, Kachulis says, Synergy learned a lot about servicing customers, harnessing technology in new ways, and strengthening internal team culture. 

During the lockdowns, Synergy decided to forgo consulting client service billings despite contracts stipulating monthly billings. Kachulis says that helping clients through a difficult time was simply “the right thing to do.” 

Since it was established in 2006, Synergy has experienced high  growth, with more than 600% growth over the last decade, according to Kachulis.

He expects the economic climate to remain challenging for the first half of 2021, but to continue improving  as vaccinations kick in and businesses resume normal operations. And he sees potential for a business boom in the latter part of the year. 

This year, Synergy Comp expects to increase staff by 10% and to get licensed in five new states, continuing its expansion in the Southeast and eastern seaboard.

In addition, Kachulis intends to build on what he describes as the enhanced sense of purpose, teamwork and internal communication achieved during the pandemic. And he plans to maintain greater flexibility for employees through a hybrid model of working from home and office.

Last year the company again provided $150,000 in scholarships for pre-k daycare services through the Synergy Comp Foundation in conjunction with Pennsylvania’s Educational Improvement Tax Credits.

Synergy Comp was founded in 2006 and employs 52.