Real Living Volpini Agent Beulah Engages Clients

YOUNGSTOWN — To educate and engage her clients in 2020, Lori Beulah, a real estate agent with Real Living Volpini Realty Group, launched a homebuying video series that featured experts in lending, home inspection, title work and homeowners insurance. Beulah publishes the videos on YouTube and social media, she says.

“You really do have to educate your clients. It’s very complex, it’s very overwhelming,” Beulah says. “And a lot of buyers jump into it and don’t fully understand the process.”

Beulah and her team also published “How to Sell Your Home for Top Dollar,” which covers topics such as pricing, staging, improving sellability and searching for an agent. Distributing the book for free has helped Beulah convert clients initially looking to sell by themselves. 

“When they realized how overwhelming a project it is, I was able to get them as a client and sold their home,” she says.

Though Beulah sold fewer houses in 2020, her sales volume tripled over 2019, she says, driven by low interest rates and increased rent prices.

Last year, Beulah provided virtual tours of properties and increased her outdoor marketing to include billboards in strategic locations, she says. She was also elected to the Youngstown Columbiana Association of Realtors board of directors.