Cerberus Safety Products Opens to Provide PPE

ASHTABULA — Cerberus Safety Products started doing business in November to meet demand for high-quality personal protective equipment. 

The main staple of the startup is hand sanitizer, says A.J. Bove, business development analyst. The company offers alcohol and alcohol-free sanitizers in gel, liquid and foam in sizes up to a gallon.

Cerberus also makes environmentally conscious face shields that can be autoclaved and re-used and offers desk shield protective barriers for a wide array of seating configurations, Bove says.

Other product lines include protective disposable gowns and attachable accessories for face shields. More items are available in the catalog at the company’s website, CerberusSafetyProducts.com.

“While we have a lot to offer on the website, we have the ability to accommodate a customer for whatever need they have,” Bove says. “Our goal is to remove any barriers someone might have to getting the protection that will give them peace of mind in a time where that is not always guaranteed.”