Sight for All United Sees Greater Demand

STRUTHERS – Sight for All United, a nonprofit providing vision care, partnered with local companies to provide protective equipment to frontline workers during the pandemic.

Working with Classic Optical, Dinesol Plastics, the Essilor Vision Foundation and Fitz Frames, Sight for All provided nearly 6,000 pieces of eyewear – both prescription and nonprescription. The eyewear was distributed to the Youngstown Air Reserve Station, Akron Children’s Hospital, Mercy Health, local police departments and medical offices.

The economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic led to more people needing help with vision care, says co-founder Dr. Sergul Erzurum.

Therefore, adds founder Karen Segesto, Sight for All’s focus in 2021 will also be on fundraising.

“This new rising group of individuals has challenged Sight for All United and its board of directors to rethink its fundraising for 2021 and beyond,” she says.