Heritage Thermal Puts Focus on Safety

EAST LIVERPOOL  – The 188 employees at Heritage Thermal Services ensure that hazardous waste is properly incinerated. They work with customers to make sure materials are identified, packed and shipped properly before coming to the plant. Once there, technicians burn the products at 1,800 degrees to eliminate hazardous chemicals.

“The production and use of many everyday products generate chemical residues that can harm health and the environment if they are not managed properly,” says its president, Christopher T. Pherson. “It takes a specialized company to manage these materials in an environmentally responsible manner.” 

In addition to working with environmental regulators, Heritage Thermal works in the community, including the free collection of household products that can be hazardous waste as part of its Earth Day celebration.

“Safety, compliance and relationships are three main values that guide our operation,” Pherson says. “We also provide grants to fund environmental projects by nonprofit groups and support many charitable organizations.”