SCP Group Helps Clients Direct Customers Safely

SHARON, Pa. – As the pandemic set in and clients had to adapt to new safety measures, SCP Group found itself fulfilling the demand for urgently needed signage to direct customers safely through businesses.

“As we move into 2021, the phrase ‘think globally, act locally’ resonates,” says owner Randy Beck. “It has long been used in environmental circles on how to protect our environment. We now need to think about this same phrase as a way to fix and protect our local business environment. Let’s rely on our neighbors and neighborhood businesses to cure the pains of 2020.”

Founded in 1974, the commercial printing company employs 10 at its site in downtown Sharon. In addition to offering design, printing, mailing and signage service, SCP Group also has a sister company, Printfor.Beer, that provides printing and packaging for local breweries, wineries and specialty food manufacturers.