Brilex Industries Serves Essential Businesses

YOUNGSTOWN – Brilex Industries provided manufacturing services to several essential industries during the pandemic, including defense, power generation, and oil and gas. 

“Our greatest source of pride during this past year was how our team members came together during this extremely challenging time,” says Steve Davinsizer, president of Brilex.

Many projects in the manufacturing industry came to a halt because of the pandemic. However, Brilex Industries’ diverse customer base of essential businesses kept the company from having any business interruptions.

Serving essential businesses left little margin for error.

“Team members who were in direct contact with customers rose to the occasion and increased their dialog with the customer to ensure their revised needs were understood,” Davinsizer says.

As a founding member of the Mahoning Valley Manufacturers Coalition, Brilex has always been passionate about workforce development and educating Valley residents on the benefits of skilled trade positions. Brilex was heavily involved in education programs to teach classes, promote events and host open houses. It partnered with organizations such as Oh Wow! Children’s Center, local schools and universities, OhioMeansJobs and the Western Central Job Partnership Initiative.

Looking forward, Brilex will continue to invest in its equipment, facilities and employees.

If 2020 has reinforced anything with Brilex, it is the value of its people. “We were blessed to have a team that kept the faith and continued to demonstrate why the success of a company rests solely in the hearts and on the shoulders of every individual and their unwavering work ethic,” Davinsizer says.

Brilex Industries, a contract manufacturing company, is celebrating its 25th year in business.

The company has three plants in the Youngstown area and employs 150.