Roof Rite Embraces Digital Solutions

YOUNGSTOWN — Roof Rite, a 47-year old commercial roofing company with 16 full-time employees, found opportunities in 2020 to grow and set the foundation for 2021.

“The lessons from 46 years of being a dependable and trusted service provider in commercial roofing culminated with a year that helped us realize we have much more growing to do,” said Bill Cruciger, president and founder of Roof Rite.

In 2020 the family-owned company became a proud sponsor of Youngstown State University athletics, a long-term commitment they hope will help both brands grow.

While many people experienced challenging times with employment, Roof Rite doubled down on their employees. Wellness programs were designed to keep their employees mentally, physically and emotionally healthy.

“As a family-owned company, our employees are viewed upon as members of our family,” says Robert Cruciger, son of Bill.

As the company looks towards the future, the Cruciger family is excited about the launch of an investment several years in the making. “The implementation of this wellness program is a new way to commit to our employees by showing them their health is the most important investment we could ever make in our company.”

“The world is embracing digital solutions to make their processes more efficient, their buying easier, all while expediting the process a customer will experience. For custom fabrication of metal for commercial properties, the process can be quite extensive. However, we have found a way to do it fast and do it right,” says Chris Cruciger, general manager.

“2021 will see the launch of an exclusive product that separate us from every other commercial roofing company and metal fabricator in the country,” says Robert Cruciger. “My father has the most extensive knowledge of the industry and coupled with a new proprietary technology, we will be launching a new product that will automate the design, buying, fabrication and delivery process for custom pieces from months to just days. This evolution of the industry is going to showcase that Roof Rite is not only the right solution for commercial properties in the area but will be a solution that extends far beyond the Mahoning Valley.”

Roof Rite’s new solution is scheduled to be unveiled in the first quarter of 2021.