Diamond Roofing Makes Safety Paramount

WARREN – Faced with adversity, Diamond Roofing Systems made decisions in 2020 to protect its employees and serve its customers despite the impact on profits.

At the start of the pandemic, Diamond Roofing took a step back to determine its course of action, according to Alexis Millerleile, marketing director.

The service department continued to assist customers but the production department ceased operations for a month. Internally, policies were enacted to protect workers from getting the virus.

At first, hand sanitizer, disinfectant cleaners and face coverings were in short supply, says Ted Luman, health and safety coordinator. Diamond eventually obtained enough supplies to resume operations.“Through the pandemic, we were able to find products and processes to provide a healthier environment for all employees,” he says.

Diamond obtained a Payroll Protection Program loan, which helped it to maintain staffing levels. The resumption of operations was slow initially. But all crews were working at pre-pandemic levels within a few weeks, Luman says.

Founded in 2013, Diamond Roofing Systems is a full-service commercial roofing company with over 40 employees at its Warren and Akron offices.