Iten Industries Builds ‘Imagineering Center’

ASHTABULA – Iten Industries, an Ashtabula company that has manufactured and designed composites and plastic molded parts for nearly a century, is looking forward to the next 100 years by using innovative technology and establishing new partnerships.

Iten plans to introduce new machinery such as 3D printing to its operations, says its head of business development, Ron Emery. “We have positioned ourselves to expand by investing in new technologies and partnerships for the future,” he says.

Emery points to its new “Imagineering Center, a space inside the plant built around Iten’s slogan, “Imagineering with Plastics.”

“The completely renovated space will include the world’s first combination thermoset and thermoplastic 3D printer, an enormous pellet thermoplastic 3D printer, and a complete additive manufacturing workspace,” he says.

These printers will feed into the goal of complete product lifecycle management. Customers will be able to come to Iten with ideas and leave with a finished product in half the time, according to Emery.

Iten also has plans to revamp its manufacturing floor and tool room with the addition of three new CNC machines. “These machines in combination with the 3D printers will work to optimize the tool and die making process and product design,” he says.

Iten witnessed “minor single-digit growth” during the year, Emery says.  

Its milestones included the launch of a sister company, Cerberus Safety Products, which distributes personal protective equipment. Another brand, Iten’s Ramp Armor division, is projected to see double-digit growth in 2021. 

“This is crucial to supplementing the overall growth of Iten,” he says. “If these companies succeed, we succeed.”