Unorthodox 50th Anniversary For Trumbull Mobile Meals

WARREN –  It wasn’t the 50th anniversary celebration Trumbull Mobile Meals had planned for 2020. But the nonprofit nonetheless carried on its mission throughout the pandemic.

After COVID-19 restrictions went into effect in March, Trumbull Mobile Meals reduced deliveries to once weekly – down from the previous five – while keeping the same number of meals arriving for those receiving food from the agency. The number of deliveries started ramping back up in June with three deliveries a week before the full schedule returned in July. Trumbull Mobile Meals operates 28 delivery routes through the county.

“Our process required new systems and a change in our operations. Our team worked long hours and through many weekends to make this happen,” says CEO Rebecca Edwards. “The quality of our meals has not been impacted due to our changing delivery schedule. We have done extensive quality control in making sure our fresh and frozen meals meet customer expectations. I am also very proud to say even though our food costs have gone up Trumbull Mobile Meals has managed to keep what we charge the same.”